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Fri, 20 Jun 2014

Here are 5 reactions from the U.S. to Birdy’s songs on the soundtrack:

The Fault In Our Stars is set to be one the teen romance box-office smash hits of the summer. Already a huge success in the U.S., the film is based on John Green’s bestselling novel about a love affair between two teenagers who meet at a cancer support group and opens in Europe today. Everyone’s not only raving about the film, but the movie soundtrack too, which features three Birdy songs . Birdy’s in good company on the album, which also features tracks from Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg and Lykke Li.

Here are 5 reactions from the U.S. to Birdy’s songs on the soundtrack:



“Birdy is still only seventeen (but why say “only” when peer artists like Lorde have shown us young women write deep, reverberating songs that crack adult emotion), hearing her voice quiver through her own words is at once powerful and soothing. A great starting point is “Not About Angels”, a song she wrote for the sound track of the forthcoming film The Fault in Our Stars.” - VOGUE


“This is the first video that Birdy has released for her soundtrack songs. It captures pretty much all of the sad emojis in a perfect John Green way, which will obvs make you looooove it. Then, if you want even more from Birdy (and let’s be real, who doesn’t?) be sure to get her new album Fire Within—out now!” - SEVENTEEN


“The incredible Birdy stopped by PerezTV to give us an EXCLUSIVE performance of her song Not About Angels from the Fault in Our Stars soundtrack and we are blown away by it! Seriously, there are not enough words to express how beautiful this song is.” - PEREZHILTON.COM


“‘Tee Shirt’ is a beautifully tender song on its own, but when interspersed with dialogue from the most romantic and sweetest scenes from ‘TFIOS,’ it is arresting on a whole other level. As Birdy’s delicate voice sings softly amidst an acoustic guitar and piano, some of our favorite quotes from the film cut in at the perfect moments." - POPCRUSH


“Front and center is our girl Birdy, who is pretty hard not to love. Her angelic, thoughtful melodies appear on the soundtrack (she's the only artist to appear more than once), and the reason why is pretty obvious: Her song "Tee Shirt" is about keeping the small things that we love to remind us of a person who isn't near, and the parts of them which we cherish. Thematically appropriate and also a true acoustic ballad. ” - REFINERY29